Widener’s Careers in Sexuality Conference

As is the experience for most sex educators, people are frequently asking me “how did you get into this line of work?” I think that’s understandable since most high school career days don’t include my chosen profession. While many people enjoy talking about sex, far fewer actually want to make a career out of it and those few sometimes struggle to learn how exactly one becomes a professional sex educator.

In my recent twitter feed, I came across a link to Widener University’s 5th Annual Careers in Sexuality Conference, which will be held on October 12th of this year. As the name suggests, this conference centers on how to build your career in sex ed. Attendees can choose which of the nine sessions they attend based on their particular area of interest and current skill level. Carol Queen, Beverly Whipple, Francisco Ramirez and several others are scheduled to present on a wide variety of career counseling topics. While the conference takes place in Chester, Pennsylvania, you can also register to view the sessions by webinar and you can follow the conference on twitter @CareersCon2012.

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