What’s So Bad About Bush?

A few weeks ago, I was at a party at another women’s college. I ended up meeting an art major named Mac, who brought up the topic of pubic hair in conversation (and as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s not the first time this has been discussed at a queer gathering). She told me about a recent piece she had been working on (which can be found below) of a woman with her organs exposed. Though not the main point of her piece, all anyone could focus on was the fact that the woman in the painting had a fairly visible mound of pubic hair.

"Woman"- Courtesy of Mac

Mac was complaining to me about the amount of negative feedback she received based on the bush. Had these people never been to an art museum before? Were all the other students pre-pubescent? Why did it make everyone in the class so uncomfortable to see pubic hair?

Personally, I’m all about bush. I totally respect that some people prefer to go bare down there, but I find that a full mound of pubic hair is beautiful and natural and organic. To me, shaving it all off it not only uncomfortable (as it makes me feel like a child), but is playing into the heteronormative patriarchy (what? I’m majoring in gender and sexuality, cut me some slack) in which men want their female partners to modify their bodies for beauty. However, here I am saying this with pierced ears and make up on. So who am I to talk? I’d love to get your opinions.

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Michaela is a recent Seven Sisters graduate with a self-designed degree in Sexuality Studies. When she's not blogging, you'll find her teaching Health and Wellness and A Cappella to high school students, helping women find properly fitting bras, and working as an editor on a documentary. She hopes to continue her education one day with a PhD in Feminist Anthropology.

  • http://twitter.com/SAEdxb SAE Institute Dubai

    I can understand your heteronormative patriarchy point but its because most men love woman, and therefore love “going down” on them that some want their woman bare down there. Theres nothing worse than having to pick pubic hair out your teeth because she doesn’t want to feel like a child. Its either a orgasm or your bush, you choose! Cant have both. :)

  • Cpos

    I’m with you!!! From a guys perspective, I am not a fan of the pre-pubescent look.

  • Erader

    ‘An’ orgasm, and you can have both. You clearly just need a different “man”. One who knows how to get past the bush with a tool other than teeth.

    But if both people like it smooth (even if it’s for the heteronormative reason of traditional feminine submission) than go crazy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=20897 Kaitlyn Beth

    I remember making a pact in HS with one of my besties about NEVER changing our pubic hair for a partner. We’ve lost touch now so I have no clue if she stuck to it, but, God knows I have (its my body after all)! So if I want to be lazy some weeks (or just enjoy going au natural) then I’m going to. And if I want to surprise my honey with something else, then I’m going to. Not because he asked me to but because I’m choosing to do that for BOTH of us.

    I also remember a guy friend saying he would NEVER go down on a girl if she wasn’t clean shaven and me thinking the idea was COMPLETELY ludicrous. I get that we all have preferences, and I respect that, but no one should have to choose between bush and an orgasm (Sorry SAE!)…you can have an honest conversation about it and find a happy medium.

  • http://bloketoys.co.uk Men’s Sex Toys

    Definitely have to say I hate the smooth and shaved look, it’s just wrong.
    And the comments on art are responses from people who have no idea what art is. That a person can look at a work of art and complain about one aspect of it in this way just shows the general ignorance about the arts as a whole.

  • maddle

    Wouldn’t like to go down on an untrimmed guy myself, and I’m generally not fond of body hair. I do get lazy at times though ;)