What to Wear for Your Next Period: Period Panties

Many women reserve their ratty granny panties for that time of the month in fear of ruining a perfectly good pair of panties. Plus, many of us don’t feel all that sexy especially during the first couple days when we’re bloated and crampy.

Well there’s now a new type of panty out there just for that time of the month called Period Panties.

They don’t offer any extra protection against accidents – I would’ve really liked to see an extra layer of black cotton or flannel or something to help with this – but they do offer a comical spin on that time of the month and easily let your significant other know that maybe it isn’t the ideal time for sex (then again, for some people, it is!). But do keep in mind that orgasms can often relieve painful cramps and give you a surge of good feelings to combat the icky factor.

Personally, I just think they’re adorable, fun, and a little disturbing.

Check out the full line at Harebrained.

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  • Kate

    “adorable, fun, and a little disturbing.” – My sentiments exactly.

  • David

    Completely awesome!