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Dear MSP Readers,

It’s difficult to believe that about 4 1/2 years ago, I started a little blog called MySexProfessor.com as a way to connect with readers of my various sex columns. I wrote about sex topics in the news, answered readers’ sex questions, reviewed various sex toys, and occasionally buried defunct sex toys in the yard and wrote about them in a “Sex Toy Cemetery” series.

Recently, however, I’ve become increasingly busy. As many of you know, by day I’m a research scientist at Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion and a sexual health educator for The Kinsey Institute. I also write books about sex and love. In the past year, I’ve published four books: Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva (co-authored with Dr. Vanessa Schick); The I Love You More Book (a story about love for children of all ages, illustrated by Rosalie Orlando Hatch), Great in Bed (co-authored with Grant Stoddard), and Sex Made Easy: Your Awkward Questions Answered for Better, Smarter, Amazing Sex. I’ve also been a bit busy conducting and publishing scientific research.

What this means is that I’ve been too busy to do all of the things I love in life. My scientific research and writing inspire me. So does MSP. When I’m not working, it’s also important to me to go running with my dog, spend time with friends and family, try out new recipes, read books for fun, soak in the bath tub, or sit outside under a tree talking about life. To do these things, I need to carve out a little more space and a little less pressure to fit so much into a day. I’ve been re-balancing.

What started as a little blog became a way for me to bring other bloggers, in 2010, along with me – to invite them to share their perspectives on sex and gender; to pay them (a little; not a lot – I wish I had the time to create more sponsorships with MSP, so if you’re interested, contact us; but paying people for their work is important to me); and I’ve learned so much from working with these talented bloggers (Jeana, Holly, Kate, Michaela, Madeleine, Craig, Garnet, Kiersten, Sarah, Maggie, and others who have come along). I’ve liked bringing sex educators, scholars, researchers, and activists together under one virtual roof. I’ve liked giving them all a chance to practice writing for general audiences (and not just, say, scientific audiences). And I’ve liked the way they’ve created conversations with MSP readers.

I’ve also learned – over and over again – that I don’t have the time it takes to do everything with MSP that should be done. We have a fantastic group of people who write for MSP. You let us and me know that all the time, not that I need reminding. And more should be done with MSP. So, it’s time for a change and in this regard, I’d like to welcome Kate McCombs on board as the new Managing Editor of MySexProfessor.com. She has been blogging for MySexProfessor since 2010 and has occasionally taken over editing in my absence when I’ve traveled to parts of the world where I was largely cut off from the Internet.

Kate is a sexuality educator who received excellent training and mentorship through her work in San Francisco and later in Australia, where she recently completed her MPH degree. She writes beautiful posts about sex, gender, and communication that matter to how many of live our day-to-day lives. She’s kind, compassionate, and has a way of bringing people together and this is good for MSP bloggers and readers alike.

Kate also has fresh ideas and enthusiasm and is ready to run with MSP. If you have ideas for MSP, send them to Kate or email me (DrDebby@MySexProfessor.com) and I will pass them along to Kate, or leave them in the Comments section. Kate rocks. She’ll read your ideas, sift through them, and weigh them as she and I work together to figure out how MSP will continue to evolve.

As for me, I’m not going anywhere except on the occasional long doggie run or research meeting. I’ll still be involved with MySexProfessor. I’ll be a resource to Kate when she wants one and I’ll still write for MSP when I have the time and something to say. For me, having Kate step forward to lead MSP feels like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders. MSP needs someone more hands-on than I’ve been able to be over the past year. It’s pained me not to be able to be that person for a blog that I loved creating and enjoy reading. But it feels great knowing that Kate can be, and is, that person.

You can still find me on Twitter @DebbyHerbenick and you can find all of us on Twitter @MySexProfessor, so stick with us. There are exciting, interesting things to come on MySexProfessor thanks to Kate and our MSP blogging team.


About Dr. Debby Herbenick

Dr. Debby Herbenick

Dr. Debby Herbenick is a sex researcher at Indiana University, sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute, columnist, and author of five books about sex and love. Learn more about her work at www.sexualhealth.indiana.edu.

  • http://www.bringbackdesire.com/ Ande Lyons

    Kate – it’s so nice to meet you!

    Dr. Debby – FOUR books in one year… you are so AH-MAZING! Thrilled to hear about Kate… now you can let go of ‘balancing’ and have more ‘balance.’ YAY!


    Ande Lyons