Want to Star in a Sex Tape?

No, not that kind. Kass Hay Productions is filming a documentary on “human sexuality and sexual enjoyment” and they’re looking for volunteers to talk openly about their sexual lives on camera and/or to fill out a questionnaire. As a researcher, I wish they would rely on the results of valid questionnaires to inform any data they present on-camera because people tend to cling to numbers from survey results they hear about and I’d hate for people to be mis-informed by otherwise well-intentioned film makers who perhaps got some skewed/inaccurate survey results.

In any case, you can take their online survey on their web site and sign up to possibly be screened as a volunteer. Sex-related documentaries often end up being particularly helpful to human sexuality educators, like me, who use them as companion materials to certain aspects of class lectures.I certainly hope they’ll let me know when it’s available for review.

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[Kass Hay Productions]

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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