Three Things of Interest and Four Things of Joy

Dear MSP readers,

This week will be a good week. Columbus, Ohio area readers might want to come say hello to  me at the Science Pub on Tuesday evening. I’m very curious what all this Buckeye business is about. Plus I hear that you all have incredible ice cream!

This week will also be a good week because our MSP writers have been peeking into some interesting worlds and have some stories and interviews that may intrigue you. So stay tuned.

Now for this…

Three things of interest:

- Slate’s William Saletan thinks more about our recent anal sex & orgasm data from the NSSHB (Slate)
- This NY Times’ Modern Love piece is about a mom who helps her daughter with her flour sack baby project (NY Times)
- A new study says that, for women, attraction to a man is less about masculinity and more about yellow/red skin tones (National Geographic)

Four things of joy:

- Looking through Ellen & Portia’s wedding photos (yet again)
- Making pumpkin cornbread muffins with sage butter
- Eating dinner with friends
- A secret project I have my fingers crossed about



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