This Week on MSP: Genital Art, The Honeymoon Period, Sex That Does a Body Good, and More

Dear MSP Readers,

What an exciting week this is! How come, you ask? Well…

1) My mom’s birthday is this week.
2) I start teaching this week. (I teach a human sexuality class). This is literally my 14th or 15th time teaching this particular course and it’s one of my favorite work activities.
3) We have an interesting week of sex blog posts ahead: genital-looking things in nature, an exploration of the honeymoon period, how sex and our bodies fit together (beyond positions), belly dancing and the sexiness of it all, birth control and antibiotics, fashion and BDSM, and so much more (surprises ahead!).

It’s only been about a week and half since we expanded our blogging team and I couldn’t be happier with our group. I find them all fascinating and enjoy reading their work and, based on our increased traffic and engagement, it’s clear you do, too. I’ve also been enjoying reading your comments and questions and hope that you will continue to interact with us in these ways. Where else do we get to have such smart conversations about sex?

On another note, I have some more exciting news: it was recently announced that I’ll be speaking at TEDx Bloomington in May 2011. Like I said, these have been exciting times.

I wish you the loveliest of weeks and look forward to talking sex with you in the comments section of our blog. And if you stumble upon some interesting sex news, please send ( or Tweet the link to us so that we can share it here on MSP.


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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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