This Week on MSP: Bisexuality, Write Your Schools, Sex Books & More

Dear MSP readers,

I took this self-portrait (if you can even call it that) a couple of months ago, as summer was fading away. I was on my way to the pool or to a deep water exercise (basically, water aerobics) class I was taking at the time and wearing my usual swimsuit and pull-on cover-up dress.

I don’t even know why I took the photo except perhaps I was beginning to recognize that summer was almost gone and my days of hanging out in my swimsuit were almost on hold, too. So it is this week that I’m sad to see my human sexuality class come to a close. It’s an intensive 8 week class and they always go by so fast and of course it seems there is never enough time. I’ll miss my students and our weekly conversations about sexuality in its many forms.

This week on MSP we have a project that excites me and that sums up much of what I’ve been encouraging people to do for years – that is, to connect (as alumni) with their former teachers and principals and to voice their opinions about school-based sexuality education and the kinds of resources that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students need early on, and not just if or when they attend college.

We have interesting discussions about sex toys, books about sex, bisexuality, as well as breast cancer awareness efforts and marketing campaigns. There’s much more, of course, and I hope you’ll stick around to learn more about it.

I hope your week brings you many good things.


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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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