The Boston Globe and Because It Feels Good

Thanks to Meredith Goldstein of the Boston Globe for mentioning my  book Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction in her guide to self-help books published in 2009. Much love (and yes, flexibility and blushowrthy sex) to you!

In her column, Ms. Goldstein tried to sum each book up in ONE SENTENCE – no easy feat for most books (well, easier for some that, for example, link finding your soul mate to numerology).

For Because It Feels Good, she wrote “Try being flexible once in a while” which is quite the clever description when you consider the numerous details related not only to trying new modifications on sex positions but also the flexibility I recommend in regard to trying sex sometimes when you’re not so into it at first (you might end up liking it), saying no to sex in order to like it again, expanding your idea of what “good” or “pleasurable sex” is, anal play possibilities and the wide and often wonderful world of sex toys and lubricants.

[Boston Globe]

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