Thank You For Being A Friend

Have you ever helped a friend through a difficult time? Sometimes I worry that I don’t always know the so-called “right” thing to say, and for many of life’s events there just isn’t a Hallmark card for the occasion.

When a good friend of mine’s daughter passed away at only a few weeks old, I had no clue how to help. She doesn’t live locally, and I had no idea what she was feeling or going through. I didn’t want to tell her “I know how you feel” because, well, I didn’t. Jezebel writer Anna North wrote about how to help a friend who has gone through a miscarriage recently, and I found a lot of the advice to sound helpful. The advice that stuck out to me the most is to be there for the friend, and to listen (good advice for just many trying times).

Related is another one from Ms North about how to help a friend who has had an abortion. Abortion is a topic that can divide people, but people do have abortions for a number of different reasons – and here at MSP, we’re big fans of these articles about how to be supportive of friends.

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  • Kelli T

    Just being there to listen is one of the most valuable gifts you can give someone.