Super Sexy CPR Videos Can Teach You a Thing or Two

Thanks to a weekend Tweet from the much-admired sex educator Dr. Petra, I learned about Super Sexy CPR, a web site that teaches CPR and “abdominal thrusts” (basically, the Heimlich maneuver) using super sexy underwear-clad models and super sexy scenarios.

Watch one female lingerie clad model seductively give CPR to another female lingerie-clad model, all while some guy gives a voiceover about how to perform CPR. Interesting idea but I have to wonder how many people will actually pay attention to the voiceover CPR instructions and instead pick their jaws up off the floor as one model straddles the other.

Then watch an attractive underwear-clad male model give abdominal thrusts – from behind – to an attractive lingerie-clad female model. See what you can learn. I may have to give them another look to make sure I’ve got the instructions down pat.

[via Super Sexy CPR]

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