S/M Making A Come Back

I’m sure many of you may have already heard Rihanna’s latest song “S&M” – but in case you haven’t (or in case you haven’t been able to check out the video) I thought I’d share the link to her latest piece.

I heard the song a while back and now that the music video has come out, I can say - it is definitely not what I would have expected (but in a good way).

I’ve always been a fan of Rihanna’s music as well as a fan of sadomasochism (or really any form of sexual expression); yet I think it’s so interesting how a pop star can make something trendy (especially when you consider how taboo S&M is to many people).

The other night my roommates and I were sitting in our living room and one of them brought up the topic of Rihanna’s video – she just couldn’t believe how “out there” the video was. We then came to find out that this said roommate didn’t know what S&M stood for (so obviously it’s understandable why the video wouldn’t make much sense to her).

But then we thought to ourselves - how bizarre is it that young girls across the country will be singing along to Rihanna’s song, chanting the lyrics, “S-S-S-S.. M-M-M” and never have any indication to what the meaning is behind the acronym.

Say hello to sexual enlightenment via music.

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Madeline Haller

Madeline Haller is an Assistant Editor for MensHealth.com. Haller received her bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University, with a second concentration in gender studies. When she's not writing for MSP/MH, you can find her running, enjoying a cup of coffee, or searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.

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    When you say it’s making a comeback, when was it ever really around? Other than the obvious Madonna circa 1993 tracks.
    I don’t think anything has really changed. In fact, it’s been more prevalent in the adult world in recent years than it ever was before with sites like Kink making a lot of money. But as for music and the mainstream, I don’t think anything has really changed at all.

  • JArther43

    I’d beg to differ. Although I can’t account for the entire S&M population, I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay area since the 60′s (sadly yes, this somewhat reveals my age) – and S&M was extremely popular during the sexual revolution. Yet as time went on and we moved into the 80′s – the spreading of HIV/AIDS greatly altered everyone’s opinions and preferences when it came to sexual freedom. Sadly many people steered away from S&M and many of our experimental sexual communities on the west coast due to fear on contracting diseases.

    So personally – I’d say a come back is needed!