Skeevy men on airplanes

While traveling, I try to catch up on work – research, reading, teaching lectures and sometimes writing blog posts in word docs so that when I am on layover or when I get home, I can post my blogs and not keep you waiting.  All I’m going to say on this topic is that right now I have been on a plane for nearly two hours. The man next to me has not spoken a word to me the entire time – that is, until I just wrote that blog about analingus (see below). I noticed that he was spying on my laptop, likely reading as I was writing about the condoms cut in half and the lubed up bum side vs. the non-lubed mouth side of the condom. I slightly shifted my laptop so that I could have some privacy while writing and out of nowhere he looks up at me, smiles, laughs a little and says “how are you?”.Ugh.

Quick “fine”, weak smile and a major shift of my laptop so that I could finish the analingus post in privacy and then write about him.  Maybe it was the wine he decided to order WITH HIS BREAKFAST (and is still sipping) or maybe he is always like this. Oh, and he also got up to go to the bathroom earlier and then TRIED TO OPEN THE AIRPLANE DOOR while looking for the bathroom. If I didn’t know better I’d think he was an incognito Britney Spears.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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