Should We Be Anti-Underwear?

Recently I read quite the eyeopener on Jezebel. This article basically called out Victoria’s Secret for buying their cotton from a supplier whose labor is primarily conducted by 12 and 13 year old children.

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And it’s not as if this was some random, one time mistake, the article stated that VS “usually buys up the entire fair trade and organic-certified cotton crop (which is apparently located in Burkina Faso) to make the lingerie it sells in the West.” [Check out the rest of the details in the original piece.]

Children… Seriously?

Am I the only one extremely taken back my this? I mean, maybe I was just being naive, but I guess I never really gave much thought to where my underwear was being made. I suppose I was just sucked in by all the pink neon signs and sexy advertisements.

So maybe I should rephrase my title: Should I be anti-Victoria’s Secret?

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  • anonymoose

    It’s the terror of knowing

    What this world is about

    Watching some good friends

    Screaming let me out

    I am finding that every single thing that benefits those who aren’t oppressed comes from those that are oppressed.  The electronic gizmos that you use … slaves including children mined the rare earth metals required.

    So, reject Vicky Secrets if you are disturbed by this.  Or not.