Sex tape blackmail – again?

Susanne Klatten, who is reportedly Germany’s wealthiest woman and owns about 12% of BMW, is said to have been involved in quite a mess. The story goes that Klatten, who is worth more than $13 billion had an affair with a Swiss man who turned out to be quite a con artist – a man who made a habit and, well, a living of  making sex tapes with wealthy women and then blackmailing them for money in exchange for suppressing the tapes.

She and her lover supposedly made a 38 minute sex tape at a Holiday Inn. According to one report, when he tried to blackmail her and the requested price got too high, Klatten decided to come clean to her husband and bring the police in to assist with the blackmailing charges. The guy was arrested as were other men who later claimed to have copies of the tape and who again tried to blackmail her.

Question of the day, though: why the Holiday Inn?

[Source: Wallet Pop]

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