Sex Round Up: Bishop Says It Gets Better, Genital Cakes Abound and More

- New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson tells GLBT youth that it gets better (video)
- A school board in Michigan votes 4-3 against adding “sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression” to its non-discrimination policy, in case you want to write to the school board members to share your thoughts.
- the Region of Waterloo celebrates bare vulvas pear trees [Cake Wrecks]
- Stephen Colbert attends to the Favre sexting situation [Deadspin]
- The Onion parodies IU sex research study in an article about why women don’t answer their phones during amazing sex [The Onion]

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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    I caved and wrote to the school board…

    I have been reading today, across various websites, that your town and School board supports homophobia.
    I have to say a big “well done!” to your school board. They are clearly uneducated in both the attitudes of citizens AND the nature of Public Relations. They clearly don’t understand that making such a public statement while the rest of the educational system is trying to actively combat homophobia will certainly gain a lot of negative attention and embarrassment.
    You should thank the school board for single-handedly embarrassing your school, your town, and your citizens.
    A remarkable achievement from supposedly educated individuals.

    It’s not a great leap forward to support equality for all. Entire nations manage it. And yet a pathetic little group of individuals in a little American town still cling to such idealism with zealous aplomb.

    In this day and age, such an attitude is unacceptable and incomprehensible. I hope you have a battle on your hands from INTELLIGENT parents and teachers. I really hope that the embarrassment and shame poured on your school board nationally becomes overwhelming.

    In my opinion this is what Americans call a no-brainer. You will be forced to change your policy eventually, we all know it. So why stamp your feet like right-wing neanderthals and increase the embarrassment?

    What would I do? I’d remove those on the school board who are not able to meet the requirements of providing the very basic human rights your students and staff need (isn’t this their job?), and I’d implement the correct policy.