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In Thinking With Your Dick #8, we explore the issue of using search terms to look for so-called “sluts”. As such:

Debby: Do you know that about 600 people search Google each month using the term “looking for sluts”? And almost 30,000 each month search with “looking for girls”. I wonder at what point people give up and realize that both girls – and “sluts” (icky word) – are probably better found in bars, at parties and through friends of friends.

Dick: i disagree. i think the weird part is adding ‘looking for’. that could only send you off course. i would type something with way more dirty words if that’s what i was after. you know, we’ve got a friend whose whole business is to make it so you always find sluts on the internet if that’s what you’re googling for?

Debby: Fair enough. Thank goodness for Mutton Chops. (a name I’ll use to describe our friend with said business)

Debby: (Adding MChops to email list)
Hey, MChops: Please scroll down to catch up and see if you can suggest better search terms than the ones that the poor souls on the internet commonly use. We’re counting on your wisdom.

MChops: As far as some search term guidance, in other words, could your question also be the following, but still give you the answer you’re looking for: if you were to create a website selling girls and/or sluts to exclusively heterosexual men, which search terms would you want surround your copy to match those terms that people search on most?  Just want to make sure I fully understand the question before responding.

Debby: Yep, that would be an accurate description. But how these types of conversations ever became part of my life, I have no idea.

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In his own words, Dick is a 27-year-old heterosexual college grad who works in TV and lives in New York.  He’s slept with approximately 15 women, most of whose names he can remember, but only a few of whom he’s ever had sex with more than once, and in full disclosure, one of them poured a beer on his head at a bar shortly after they got busy. He has two fantasy football teams, a two at a time netflix account, a used nissan, and a wardrobe consisting mostly of clothes from the Gap. He considers himself a decent pickup basketball player, better than average golfer, and is proud to have run a marathon in under 3:45.  Dick has an above average tolerance for alcohol, but realizes this could be a problem in the future.  He is curently dating someone, but if she ever read this that would probably change. He is by no means an expert in sex, love, or therapy.

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