gets it

Thank goodness for Catherine Price – she gets it. In an article at, Ms. Price describes the YouTube clip from The Tyra Banks Show (which – amazingly - has now not only gone viral on YouTube, aol video, and countless blogs, but has also been shown on VH1′s Best Week Ever and E!’s Talk Soup) and goes on to talk about how:

- unusual it is for the vulva to be featured on television
- the Wondrous Vulva Puppets – though new to mainstream TV audiences – are not new to many of us who found them through Houseochicks or Good Vibes
- Tyra Banks’ message of education and comfort regarding our own genitals is an important message that many women need to hear

I also like how even though Ms. Price is shocked that so few women know where they pee from (or rather that they don’t pee from their clitoris or their vagina), she never criticizes women – as some people have done on other blogs - for being "dumb" or "ignorant" about their bodies. Not all women have the knowledge, education, comfort or experience that other women do when it comes to their bodies – let alone the resources to have ever found or bought the Wondrous Vulva Puppets. Ms. Price’s article is definitely worth a read – please check it out here.

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