Required Reading on Women’s Health

You need to read this op-ed, “When States Abuse Women” by Nicholas Kristof, in the NY Times. It covers current issues like mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds occurring prior to abortion (which Virginia finally removed from their legislation but Texas still has) as well as issues related to contraception. Included in the article are points such as this:

“If Texas legislators wanted to reduce abortions, the obvious approach would be to reduce unwanted pregnancies. The small proportion of women and girls who aren’t using contraceptives account for half of all abortions in America, according to Guttmacher. Yet Texas has some of the weakest sex-education programs in the nation, and last year it cut spending for family planning by 66 percent.” 

and this:

“The best formulation on this topic was Bill Clinton’s, that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” Achieving that isn’t easy, and there is no silver bullet to reduce unwanted pregnancies. But family planning and comprehensive sex education are a surer path than demeaning  vulnerable women with state-sanctioned abuse and humiliation.”

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