Please Help: The Other Kind of Apple & What It Has To Do With Tech.

For many of us, the only relationship that technology has to apples is, you know, Apple. As in, Steve Jobs. But there’s another apple-related technology thing going on right now that has nothing to do with Steve Jobs and everything to do with growing food for people to eat.

A colleague of mine has done some work with the Paiute Tribe of Nixon, Nevada. The Paiute were, from what I understand, traditional foragers (think fishing, hunting, gathering) until they suffered a similar fate to many Native American people in that they were placed on a reservation in a desert region of Nevada. Not exactly great for growing things or maintaining culture or eating healthy. So what does this have to do with apples? And tech? We’re getting there.

The Paiute are trying to win a fruit orchard (including apple trees) that would go a long way toward improving their modern-day diet and their health. The problem is that, in order to win an orchard from Edy’s in a contest that has been going on all summer long, they have to win enough email votes. And unfortunately, like people who live on many reservations, they have fewer resources – including technological resources like easy email access and iPhones and Androids and all the ways that many of you, and I, get along in the world. So it’s tough for them to compete against other communities, like mine in Bloomington, Indiana, who have been vying for orchards, too. (Bloomington – being a tech-rich college town – was one of the very first communities to win).

My colleague has been trying to get a bunch of us to vote but it’s not been enough. They only have about three more weeks to get votes and it would be huge if people like you who have easy access to the internet on your phones, laptops and desktops, took the time to vote for them. They are currently in the running, but just barely (only the top 5 communities will win orchards). I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t place so much stock in what my colleague has to say about this community.

So, what can you do? Please vote (instructions below). And if you have a relevant blog, such as a tech blog or a food blog or a blog about social justice issues – maybe you can help spread the word, too.

Here’s how to vote:
Please go to

If you click on “Vote for a community” and then click on “Leaders” you should be able to see them and vote for them. If not, try this:

On the map, click on the red dot representing Nixon, Nevada in the northwest corner of Nevada, or click on the tab at the top, “>Either of these actions will take you to a page describing the Paiute Tribe, where you will need to fill in your name, email address, and a Capcha (2 words designed to foil spammers).  You’ll then get a message in your email mailbox asking you to confirm your vote, which you must do by midnight.  Voting does require more than one step, but they are all designed to prevent spamming and electronic cheating, and it all takes less than 5 minutes to register your vote.

Each email address can vote once per day for the next 3 weeks.

Thank you for your help and consideration.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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