New Mattress Time: Westin Heavenly Bed or Sealy Ultra Plush Pillow Top?

Totally off-topic, but….

I’m a sucker for a good mattress and, let me tell you, I need a new one badly. My mattress is all sagging in the middle and our 30 pound dog likes to jump into bed late at night or in the morning and stretch herself out, which takes up some space.

So, there’s some discussion about an upgrade. I’ve had my eye on a king-sized Heavenly bed. Or the Sealy Euro Ultra Plush something or other mattress that my cousin has in a spare bedroom and that I fight tooth and nail to sleep on when visiting. Anyone have either mattress? Or another suggestion? It’s a pretty  big investment and I’m taking comments/suggestions!

UPDATE: We ended up going with the Westin Heavenly Bed, which has been so worth it. We don’t feel each other or our dog move unless we want to. And the best thing? I’ve started to sleep so soundly again that I’m remembering my dreams. I love it. It’s a great night sleep for us. You can even buy the Heavenly bed from Amazon.

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  • GlennF

    I swear by Select Comfort's Sleep Number bed. My chiropractor recommended it to my wife and I because we don't like the same firmness of bed. I thought it sounded ridiculous, but there was a showroom (which doesn't actually have product to hand you) nearby. We spent quite a while testing out the beds, and there's a money-back guarantee, too (although you pay return shipping or trucking).

    I've never regretted it. My side of the bed is like a soap dish; my wife's seems like a board. We dramatically reduced our visits to various bodywork people as a result, and I sleep much better. It's not perfect, but the components can be individually replaced when they wear out, unlike a conventional bed.

    It's much more like a water bed without all the nonsense of a water bed than it is like an inflatable mattress. The interior is baffled, and you generally can't tell that you're not on a solid mattress.

  • CalgaryRob

    Whatever is firmer. Your back will thank you. Keep in mind as well that if you're moving up in size, remember to take into account the cost of the new bedding.

  • kcin

    take a look at 'the garden sleep system' by natural form.
    seriously – only mattress my partner and i have ever spent time in that made us both say 'we have to get this'.
    best sleep and among the best sex we have yet to experience together.

  • Julio Cabrera

    If you feel like spending an offensive amount of money:

  • Julio Cabrera

    I've also hear good things about these:

  • Garnet Joyce

    The easiest way to find the perfect bed for you is to go to different showrooms and try out different beds. And make sure that you get at least a 30 day guarantee so that you can return/exchange it for the cost of shipping if you find that after you sleep on it you don’t like it.