My own version of date or run screaming: cartoon juice cups

My cartoon juice cups

My cartoon juice cups

In a recent installment of “Date or Run Screaming”, writer Steph Auteri pondered whether a green teddy bear tooth brush holder would be perceived by sleepover guests as too freakishly childish.


It’s just a toothbrush holder, though. It’s not a bathroom over-brimming with child-themed toys or an entire bedroom of pink, pink, pink with a Barbie Dream House in the corner, right? Certainly one can live a rich adult life while still carrying on with some of their joys of youth. 

Personally, I enjoy cartoon themed juice cups (see above photo). And though some mornings I choose blindly, on other mornings I like to think that the juice cups set me on the right path for the day. Am I feeling run down and in need of care and kindness? Then it’s my Care Bear cup. Is it a tricky day, full of meetings and phone calls and things that I need to expertly navigate? No brainer: my Spiderman cup. Am I feeling uber-friendly? Hello Kitty! Do I need a reminder to be extra kind and giving to others? Nemo. Feeling hyper and excitable? Hey there, Scooby.

Are my juice cups, bought mainly in the child dishware section of Target, too childish for some people? Perhaps. Do I care? Not really. Anyone who knows me well, knows my heart.

When I was in the dating pool, I perhaps felt some need to explain the cups but it was nothing I felt embarrassed about. It was more like “look, these are my cups, this is why I like them” and that was that. No one ran screaming and the good ones stayed. A roommate’s girlfriend even surprised me one day with the spongebob cup as a surprise gift (it came with a swirly straw, which is awesome).

I won’t pretend that anyone I know actually prefers to drink from the juice cups themselves, but I do. They’re plastic and therefore unbreakable (which is key in the morning, as I don’t drink coffee), and they make me happy. And if I were the type of girl who said “and suck it”, and if you had a problem with my juice cups, this is where I would say that.

I would also say that if you stay up at night building Lego castles or space ships, if you have a Spiderman cookie jar, or if you enjoy your prized Barbie collection – and can fit these joys in with your otherwise well balanced adult life complete with adult friendships and/or relationships and/or employment – then I think that’s awesome. After all, if anyone had told your 6 year old self that when you grew up, you could be and do anything you wanted as long as you gave up your Barbies or Legos or toy cash register, you’d have forgone adulthood, kept your toys, and told them to suck it. Right? Thought so.

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