MSP Thoughtful Gift Idea #4: Technology Gifts… with Love


Like it or not, technology has become an integral part of many people’s lives. We take digital pictures and video to share with our friends and family, we send links to YouTube to make each other laugh, and we send our partners links that we like so that they know we are thinking of them during the workday. As such, why not consider how you might give the gift of technology to enhance a romantic, friendly or family relationship this Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas:

1. Flip Camera (or similar affordable camera that holds up to an hour of video and plugs into a computer). Use it to make a video of yourself (or your children) for your partner when he or she travels away from home on business. Or for when you travel away on business.

2. If you already have a digital video camera, this one is free! Consider making a lip dub of you singing a love song to your partner, put it on YouTube or Vimeo and then send them the link (make it private if you don’t want others to see).

3. Make a sexy video, or take sexy photos, for your partner. This could be a gift in and of itself. But if you’re also giving them a video camera or still camera, include a note saying what you hope to do with it (and by all means, please delete photos/video soon after taking them lest they wind up in the wrong hands!)

4. Prices have come down on laptops in the past year. Get one for your partner, parent or grandparent and hook them up with their own iGoogle page with their favorite features (e.g., recipes, quote of the day, poetry, funny cat photos, etc).

5. Give your services! Offer to peruse your partner’s iPhone app store and download apps that will make their life easier or more fun, such as the Open Table app so they can make dinner reservations from their phone, Trulia if you two are house hunting (it’s a real estate app that uses GPS to find local listings and open houses), Shazam for your friend who goes crazy whenever he or she can’t figure out what the song that’s stuck in their head could possibly be., Google Talk for quick voice-activated Google searches, the Light Saber so you two can battle it out with light sabers and sound effects, or Traffic cam if your partner’s commute could use a little strategy.

6. How about a Garmin or similar GPS device? This is particularly useful if your partner (or parent) lives in a big town or city or has to do a lot of driving into unknown areas. I don’t have one myself but I’ve been fortunate enough to borrow one several times, and wow. Big difference.

So many gadgets, so little time. You could also get a keyboard with large letters on it for a parent or grandparent who cannot see the small little letters, heated rubber treads to melt snow on stairs (no more shoveling!),  a hammer that also opens bottles, or the Sasi vibrator available at Babeland – the only vibrator I know of that (a) feels like cunnilingus and (b) is trainable – that’s right, you can actually teach it what you like and make sure that it does that same move again and again and for as long as the charge will last (which is a long, long time). Buy it on Babeland’s site.

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