MSP Quote of the Day

Wow. Words…cannnot…express…my feelings after reading this quote from (read the full article here):

"…Holy Urethra Franklin Batman! Yes, Ty-Ty has officially lost it. The pinnacle moment of the episode is when Dr. Debby… pulled out her trusty "Vulva Puppet" explaining the female fajita. Now Imagine if one were to hook up with Ms. Piggy due to an inebriated state one evening at the bar and you’ll get the idea. I can’t even continue, just enjoy this clip." –, Tyra’s Vagina Monologue: What’s Up Down There

The YouTube clip of me and my vulva puppet from The Tyra Banks Show that is referenced here has now been viewed more than 700,000 times which astounds and excites me, as I love to think that so many women and men are learning about the vulva – especially if they are laughing while doing so.

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