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Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.
  – Robert Frost

That’s an interesting interpretation of what it means to be educated. I would perhaps say that this reflects education, self-awareness and patience. Or maybe just education and patience, if to be educated also means to be educated in one’s own limits and sense of self and self-worth. I wonder… what types of sex news or information make you lose your temper or your self-confidence? Some people fall to pieces when they hear about rape, abuse or adultery. For others, it might be a fetish or monogamy or polygamy or a lawmaker who pretends to be against some sexual behavior only to be found out to be someone who privately takes part in that behavior.

In high school, I had an instructor (Russell Weatherspoon, one of the best I have come across) who taught me more about patience, self-awareness and being genuine than I was able to grasp at the time. I am still working on it now. He would seem to me to embody Frost’s interpretation of "education" though.

[Thanks again to my daily quotes oniGoogle for this gem.]

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