More fun press… and a little note

Looks like my time on The Tyra Banks Show, accompanied by The Wondrous Vulva Puppet, has been making headlines. Very sincere vulvalicious thanks go to the following web sites for educating women and men all around the world by posting the clips from the shows as well as related articles. Most of the coverage – and the posted comments – suggest that people get it. I just wish a few writers wouldn’t say that women are "dumb" if they think they pee out of their vagina or clitoris, or if they have never looked at their own genitals. Our culture – full of advertisements for femine "hygiene" products – makes many women feel like their vaginas are dirty or shameful. Then add on the fact that middle school boys make "vaginas smell like fish" jokes and no one ever teaches us about sex or our bodies in school (we need comprehensive sexual health education, folks!) – so what do you expect?

I think it was brave and kind for Tyra to tackle this topic and I applaud any woman for the steps she takes to learn more about her body – especially in a culture that doesn’t necessarily encourage it.

Here are a few of the web sites that have posted clips and articles related to Tyra’s "What’s Up Down There" episode. If you know of others, please email us with links to

The Huffington Post: Tyra Opens Up Vagina Dialogue (includes some newer video footage – not just the puppet – but also what women call their vaginas)
Great headline: Vulva Puppet Hits The Big Time
Digg had the video in their Most Popular from the past 24 hours
Jossip: The First Rule About Vulva Puppets Is You Don’t Talk about Vulva Puppets
Jossip (yes, again!!): Department of All Thumbs
Lucy the Blog: A Dozen Lessons from Tyra’s Vagina (SUCH a funny article)
From Stereohyped: Vagina Puppets Are So Much Prettier Than The Real Thing (disagree with the sentiment but appreciate the discussion)
From 2snaps: Tyra Banks Talks HPV and Pap Smears Using a Vagina Puppet (well, technically it was a vulva puppet)
Phlamer: The vagina puppet on Tyra Show
The Blemish: Tyra Banks Is All About the Vagina
Jezebel: Jezebel Crashes The Tyra’s Show Vaginas Episode
Feministing: FYI: Vagina=Birth Canal

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