Literally Sexy 2 at Victory Gardens


If you live in or around Chicago, or you will be there this weekend, come to Victory Gardens theatre this Friday night for an amazing sex-themed variety show, Literally Sexy 2: Because It Feels Good (named after my upcoming book). I will be participating in it again this year given how much fun I had on stage at last year’s event (it was sexy, funny, smart, engaging…and just wow).

The show starts at 10:30pm but come as early as 9:30pm to have drinks and check out the sex toys in the lobby area…. plus you’ll want to claim a seat early. Last year it was a full house!

Learn more about the event on the Victory Gardens web site.

Also, you can get discounted tickets (for $15 rather than the usual $20) by using the code “JUICE” – order online or by calling 773.871.3000

Hope to see you there!

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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