Like the hair clips?


Recently I taped an episode of The Tyra Banks Show and thought some of you might be curious about the behind the scenes hair and make-up. You can’t quite see the details, but the fake eye  lashes were enormously long and there is an absolute ton of make-up on me (remember the before/after photos from the last episode I taped? If not, click here). It’s amazing what a talent and an art it is to be able to apply make-up in a way that looks great on TV (but looks way overdone in person). The above photo was taken a bit after having my hair curled and then clipped up. You’ll have to watch the show itself (more info soon) to see the final outcome and learn about the sex topic being discussed.

In the mean time, here’s a post-show photo, dressed back in my regular clothes, on the way to the airport. I tried to wash off the excess eye make-up but, alas, I was destined to look like a raccoon all the way home (it was WAY darker in person – trust me).

I had a wonderful experience at the taping. The producers of the show were smart, kind and compassionate – and very wise about ways to provide women and their partners with helpful information about sexual health. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product when it airs. Stay tuned!


Yay for the iPhone.

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