Julyna: Grow or Groom Your Pubic Hair for a Cause

Some time ago, so the story goes, Vanessa Willson and her friends were talking about how men grow mustaches during “Movember” to raise money for cancer-related causes (typically, prostate cancer causes). Why can’t women do the same, they wondered, in regard to their pubic hair, however – not facial hair. They weren’t sure what to call this month of pubic hair creativity for a cause (muffember? vulvember?) and finally settled on doing it in July and called it Julyna, pronounced “Joo-line-ah” like “vagina.”

I would have preferred they go with “Vulvember” as this isn’t really about the vagina, but hair on the vulva (the vagina is the inside part, the birth canal). The word “vagina” is regularly misapplied, as with “vagazzling” and “vatoos” which involve applying crystals or ink to the vulva, not the vagina.

In any case, check out the Julyna web site for more information about their ideas for women growing or grooming their pubic hair in styles of their own choosing to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Specifically, funds raised are to be dedicated to cervical cancer research and they are hoping to raise awareness of cervical cancer and HPV. I hope they find a way to use their work to raise efforts for vulvar health and vulvar cancer, as well – it’s a rare cancer, but one that needs more attention.

Learn more about pubic hair styles, vulvar health and vulvar self-examination in my forthcoming book, Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva (available on Amazon). Art projects are involved.

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