Is Your Vulva Trendy?

So I’ve recently stumbled upon my newest obsession: vajazzling.

Apparently this below-the-belt beauty trend is not breaking news by any means, but for some reason it has been popping up in articles on all of my favorite blogs and magazine sites. Although I have yet to experiment with adding this ’bling’ to my body - I thought I would dedicate a post highlighting some recent vagina/vulva trends and accessories I’ve been reading about.


Many salons now offer this service, and basically what it entails is adding stick-on crystals or rhinestones to the pubic region (basically, the waxed mons) at the top of the vulva.

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Typically vajazzling is preceded by a Brazilian wax in order to increase the aesthetics of the design (there are dozens of different patterns and colors to choose from).

The typical cost runs close to $100 (due to the vajazzling service usually including a wax) and lasts for close to a week.

The newest addition following the vajazzle hype was the “do-it-yourself” advice.  For those who were not willing to pay for the service (or for those who didn’t feel comfortable having someone work that close to their prized possession), there are now starter kits that run anywhere from $7 for one design, up to $75 for a kit of 24 designs.

Vulva Make-Up

I recently read a blog post about highlighting this new product called “My New Pink Button” – which is basically make-up for your vulva. It is a temporary dye that women are using to “restore the youthful pink color” back to their labia. Except women’s genitals come in all sorts of shades of pink, gray and brown and there is nothing “normal” about pink any more than any other color (sigh).

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The makeup comes in 4 different shades:

  • Marilyn: the lightest out of all four of the options, Marilyn is said to work best on those who have fairly light skin.
  • Bettie: this shade is said to blend with a woman’s natural skin tone, bringing out a drastic pink hue (on the website they refer to it as a sporting a “sexy hot pink, I am fired up, look”).
  • Ginger: this shade is said to show up best when used on darker skin tones and will bring out a darker rosy hue in a woman’s labia.
  • Audry: this is the deepest and darkest out of all of their shades and brings out a bold, burgundy pink color.

The product, costing $30 each, weighs 1.5 pounds and each bottle is good for 20 applications.

Your Cure for Camel Toe

Honestly at this point in time I want to smack myself for even using the term ‘camel toe‘ (for some reason it just rubs me the wrong way…There may be a pun in there somewhere, but it wasn’t intended), I figure that is the most common slang term for the visibility of a woman’s labia (majora) through tight clothing.

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Anyways (I’m rambling), onto the accessory…

There is a product out there called the Cuchini Pad, and basically it is an adhesive insert that can be applied to the inside of panties, swimsuits, etc.

The product is recommended for women who choose to rock the ’bare-down-there’ look. Due to the lack of hair, there is nothing to mask the creases and curves of a woman’s figure; that is where the product comes in handy -  it smooths out the region of a woman’s mons pubis area (therefore eliminating the camel toe image).

New Panties = Stronger Kegels?

I was informed about the pantyO (of course) through a tweet I saw the other day, and out of all the things I have written about thus far – this one seems to be the most extreme (or the most difficult for me to appreciate).

Apparently with these underwear, there is a one inch silicon ‘exercise extension’ that is sewn into the crotch of the panties. Once you put them on, the extension is then inserted vaginally, providing a “focus point” for you to concentrate on while performing your kegels throughout the day.

The underwear cost $125, and run from small to extra-large in sizing.


I was considering getting into the variety and options one can take with pubic hair designs, but 1) the images I want to include may make this article NSFW, and 2) I figured I’d save that for another post.

But if you’ve heard of any other wacky and unique products out there and want to share your knowledge, feel free to let us know and share it in the comments!

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  • Jane

    In response to Shria, honestly I’d have to disagree with almost everything you said.

    Your stereotypical, cynical comments are exactly what keep women trapped within todays phallocentric society. Why is a bodily treatment (such as brazilian wax or adding jewels to the genitals) looked at as shallow, or unintelligent, or superficial? What do you gain from bashing what may bring some women joy?

    Why does our society think that if a woman wears lipstick or has fake nails, or god forbid she cares about her personal hygiene – she automatically becomes some sort of superficial bimbo?

    I think comments such as these (purely nagging just to have something to complain about) hint at deeper insecurities within the commenter.

    Women need to stop criticizing other women and learn how to embrace their sexuality.

    Thanks Dr. Herbenick, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and think you and your team do an excellent job in celebrating the wonders of being a woman.