Is There An Evolutionary Reason To Loving Big Butts?

Not a serious post at all (with no true answer), but this thread on Reddit made me giggle. As someone with “child rearing hips and a healthy store of body fat that can be used to nourish the developing offspring if food is scarce!” (thank you to StupidDogCoffee), this song has always resonated with me. Across different cultures and times, people tend to find those that look “healthy” most attractive. Of course, I have some friends that are more into bums, and others that are more into breasts (just for example).I’m luck as my kissing partner appreciate my more Kim Kardashian-esque back side (versus Kate Moss).

WildRice160 even says, “So, ladies, (Yeah!) ladies (Yeah!) Do you wanna roll in my very expensive vehicle that implies I have the means to financially support offspring?”

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