I’ll Be There

As I’ve said in the past, I think that Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization. They are doing their best to provide reproductive health services, family planning options, and sex education to as many people as they can.

I just finished an internship with the public policy department at Planned Parenthood of Illinois and it was a really incredible experience. The people that I worked under were all really enthusiastic about what they were doing, and my fellow interns were really creative and hardworking. I’m really glad that I got to help contribute something useful to this organization and the odds are pretty good that I’ll be back for some other volunteer work next year.

I’m on Planned Parenthood’s e-mailing list (you can sign up here, if you’re interested) which keeps me updated on the latest news about reproductive justice issues and Planned Parenthood news. The most recent e-mail I received contained a link to this video created by the people who work at the clinic in El Cerrito, California. I think it’s really cute, and I’m really glad that they care enough to creatively show their support.