Sexy places to stay: Nile Porch (Uganda)

nile porch1

I stayed at the Nile Porch this past July while on a white water excursion in Uganda. Every single tent-like structure (tents set up underneath a concrete structure, so you’re kept dry – see a photo after the jump) looks out on to the Nile River. White water rafting outfitters will come and pick you up to take you white water rafting on class V rapids – the water is beautiful, the guides are great, and the rapids are whoa. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available on the property and the tents come complete with their own outdoor bathrooms and showers (which might sound exposed, but actually thanks to the Nile and lush gardens on the property, they are incredibly private). The owners are incredibly kind and welcoming and the tent, restaurant and pool (pictured above) are super romantic. 


A view inside our tent (above).

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