Gentleman, Say Hello To The “Tuggie”

Hey fellas – the winter weather got you feeling down? Does that blizzard-like breeze not sit well with your boys? Well look no further, your days of ‘frozen goods’ are over.

Well… Okay, maybe they’re not entirely over, I just thought that intro would be a clever way to introduce my newest interesting find!

Say hello to the Snuggie for your penis – The Tuggie!

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Photo Courtesy To

As I was walking through the mall one day, I decided to pop into Spencers to buy some gag-gifts for a friends 21st birthday. And what did I find sitting upon the shelves of the store?!

You guessed it! A wonderful leopard print Tuggie (this gives a whole new meaning to genitals in the wild)!

Just when you thought the Snuggie-craze couldn’t get more bizarre – it did. And the great thing is, it doesn’t just stop with Snuggies for your member, check out Michaela’s post about The Snuggie Sutra (oh read me correctly – sex while wearing a Snuggie)!

Although the concept of the Snuggie seems some what silly, they have actually become an extremely popular item (yes I admit, I too own one).

Who would have thought a backwards bathrobe would be such a hit! But sadly I have yet to hear of anyone owning up to purchasing this penis-version of the oh-so-popular ‘blanket with sleeves’. Who knows, maybe this will be the next big hit… Or maybe not. Either way, I still thought it was clever – kind of like the knit penis warmers Debby once came across.

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