Genitals In The Wild: Vulvalicious Fruit

My boyfriend and I are quite the coffee fanatics. So this year when we went down to south to spend a week with his family, we received an adorable drink tray from his mom and dad. They found it when they were over in England, and thought that it would come in useful for transporting coffee or wine into another room.

So as I’m looking at this cute, lap-sized tray – admiring the detail on it, something in the right hand corner of the tray caught my eye!

Full Image of the Tray

Full Image of the Tray

I soon realized that this tray has some vulvalicious fruit on it! Take a closer look…

Vulva Fruit!

Vulva Fruit!

I was very thrilled (but obviously I held back my giggles and thanked his parents for the lovely gift). Ah these articles have to be some of my favorite posts on MSP! No joke, seeing ‘genitals in the wild’ makes my day! Hope you all enjoyed.

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