Genitals In The Wild: Phallic Wine Stoppers

I am a huge fan of the MSP ‘genitals in the wild‘ posts; yet I’ve been somewhat bummed that I have been missing out on all the action. For some reason, no matter where I go, nothing I see ever resembles genitals (or maybe I am just oblivious).

But finally an opportunity presented itself!

Lately my boyfriend and I have been on a wine kick and we decided to buy some wine stoppers from Marsh. We’ve had these for a good two weeks now, and just the other night when I went to insert the stopper back into the bottle, it hit me – this wine stopper looks like penis! I ran into the living room, triumphantly showed my partner what I’d discovered, and then ran to get my camera.

Green Wine Stopper

Green Wine Stopper

Red Wine Stopper

Red Wine Stopper

When the stopper is out of the bottle it resembles an uncircumcised penis (the green one), and when the stopper is inserted into the bottle with the tab pushed back – it resembles a circumcised penis (the red one). Finally I get some ‘genitals in the wild’ action!

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