Friday Sex Round-up

Wow, it’s been quite a week. Sorry for not posting more often!

A few things:

In the latest issue of Time Out Chicago, I answered questions from readers about a guy’s sinking sex drive, knee pain getting in the way of a couple’s favorite sex positions, sexy lingerie post-mastectomy and sex after baby. Read the full article on TOC’s web site.

A friend sent me a link to a Scientific American article titled Secrets of the Phallus: Why is the Penis Shaped Like That? which, while I’d heard about much of the research before, is still – I think – utterly fascinating and will likely provide most people with new information and a cool new perspective on the male penis. Read the article here.

In answering a reader’s question on something totally different, I was reminded of a site that I have long enjoyed but haven’t been to in ages. It’s called Big Bad Chinese Mama and is a funny, artistic, and critical way of dealing with some men’s interest in mail order bride sites and the fetishizing of Asian women.

Another friend sent me a link to a site called Awkward Boners, but I haven’t yet been able to open the page. Too much traffic, perhaps? It apparently features sent-in photos of men with erections at unusual times – or, more likely, an awkward rise in the pants that makes it look as though some men have erections even when they do not.

Earlier today I spent a few hours at Kinsey helping to edit some of our key content as our site gets ready for its redesign – as always, you can check out our Kinsey Confidential site or listen to some of our sex Q&A podcasts (with me as your host!) here.

Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of everything sex soon enough. I have more sex toys to review, more cool research to reveal and other fun things that I cannot wait to talk to you about.

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