Free giveaway from The Body Shop’s Yes Yes Yes campaign!


The Body Shop – one of my favorite shops for lotions and body care products – has generously offered to send one MSP reader a Safe Sex Grab bag. Of course, being the Body Shop – this isn’t just any grab bag. In addition to condoms, it also will include The Body Shop’s limited edition Tantalizing Lip Butter with delicious dragon fruit extract, a selection of products from their new Wild Cherry line, and other sensual goodies (in total, it’s valued at over $100).

So, why are they offering this awesome bag to an MSP reader and what can you do to win it?

Basically, The Body Shop – as you may know – has a long-standing commitment to issues related to HIV/AIDS and other health and human rights issues. Currently they are involved in an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, in partnership with MTV’s Staying Alive campaign, called “Yes to Safe Sex”. The Body Shop is offering their Tantalizing Lip Butter for $8 and donating all net proceeds (which is roughly $5 per lip butter, I hear) to Staying Alive. You can learn more about the cause on their site.

Because we here at MSP are also passionately involved in educating individuals about safer, more pleasurable sex, they offered a grab bag for us to give away to a reader. All you have to do to enter is to send me an email at with a YouTube or Vimeo link to a sexy song or video of your choice. Seriously, folks – that’s it! Then, on Wednesday of this week, I’ll randomly choose an entry and arrange to get the grab bag mailed to the winner. I’ll post my favorite songs/videos online in weeks to come as well.

Have fun and good luck!


Check out two of my favorite entries thus far. Looking forward to seeing more!

and this one (the first half of it anyway):


A few additional entries of note:

and this one:

and this:

oh, and the strokes, too, from a reader who says this song always makes her want to have sex (watch it here, as it’s not embeddable).


Check out this newest entry from a lovely Swedish reader who explains “Couldn’t resist sending you this Swedish video with the title: Right now, I am a very easy catch – you could have me so easily (it’s not that easy to translate, but I guess you figure out the meaning). It’s about a summer evening, after the dance :-) , he is lonely and the longing for someone to kiss and make love with is very strong.”


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