Founding Farmers Restaurant in DC – totally off topic

(Above: a photo I took while sitting in the bar area waiting for our table)

The only way that I can remotely justify this post is to say that sex is related to dating (for some people) and people often want to know where to go on a date or where to find food that tastes as good as sex. Here goes:

Last night in DC, I went to Founding Farmers as part of a group of 5 – namely because 3 of us had seen it listed on Daily Candy. [Note: this is the first time I have actually followed any of Daily Candy's suggestions, even though I have subscribed to the email for months. I like farmer-related restaurants, though, and we gave it a try.] We came to the conclusion that quite a lot of the crowd had probably come because of the Daily Candy email – there were several all female groups, several mixed groups like us (of the 5 of us, 3 were women and all had seen it on Daily Candy DC) and no all-male groups that I could see (but I’m sure as soon as word gets around about the high quality of the food and the generous portion sizes, that will change).

In case you are thinking about going yourselves, here is what we had:
- Natura wine (Chile) – yum and more affordable than their other glasses
- Farmer’s Salad - Billed as a "little salad", it was huge (and only $5!!). You could honestly eat this as a meal. We all shared it like an appetizer. 
- Ricotta, Pistachio and Date flatbread – except the bread was nowhere near flat? It was very thick farm bread. GOOD combination of ingredients, however. The sea salt sprinkled around the plate was tasty for smearing the bread in, too. 
- Brie and Fruit Preserve Flat Bread – the brie lovers really liked this one; as I’m not so into brie, I was less enthused. 
- Ricotta Ravioli – very good. I would give it a B+. The Kentucky Bourbon corn was yummy. 
- Lemon Meuniere Diver Scallops – VERY yummy. I’d give this one an A. The person who ordered it thought it was too salty but it was perfect for my taste. 
- Southern Pan Fried Chicken – I didn’t taste it since I don’t eat meat, but I heard it was very good. The waffle it was served with (as a side) was out of this world; we all agreed it might have been one of the best waffles ever. However, our waiter said that it is usually served with more of a waffle cone-ish thing (weird); we suggested they stick with the soft Belgium waffle. Maybe  consider grabbing brunch there some time to check out this waffle. 
- Green beans – on most of our plates were quite good. 
- Yankee Pot Roast – again, I hear it was yum. I didn’t try it though. 
- Line Caught Wild Alaskan Salmon – I tried this off of someone else’s place; I thought it was average. Too spicy for me. Others seemed to really like it though but I’d give it more like a C- or D. I wouldn’t order it myself even though I normally like salmon. I did, however, enjoy a taste of the potatoes that it was served with.
- Organic Cucumber Delight – apparently one of their signature drinks, a few people ordered this and loved it. Definitely above average. 
- Caipirinah de Uva – excellent. I have never had an authentic one from Brazil, but I had them in Argentina and was told that they were very close to the ones in Brazil. That said, I have rarely tasted a good one in the US until last night. Nice job, Founding Farmers.

All in all, it was a lovely night with excellent food. The portions are HUGE, however – consider sharing.

Thank you, Founding Farmers, and to their general manager, Christian, for being so friendly and helpful. See their lunch/dinner menu here.

Here is a photo of the cucumber drink:

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