Eric Holder looks like Stedman Graham

Is anyone else fooled by US Attorney General Eric Holder? Whenever I see him on the news or when I see photos of him on news web sites, my gut reaction is always “What’s Stedman doing on the news?” (given that he’s the more silent half of the Oprah-Stedman Power Couple) and then I remind myself that no, it’s not Stedman Graham, it’s his doppleganger.

Am I the only one who thinks this?

Case in point. Here is Stedman Eric Holder:


And Stedman:


Also, it seems as though Oprah tends to refer to him as just “Stedman” (and so do many of us). Given how long they’ve been together, I wonder whether she refers to him as her boyfriend, partner, husband (even though they’re not married), etc. Oh, O. You always keep us guessing.

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