Enlarged Wild Polar Bear Clitoris Does Not Mean What You Think It Does

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It’s Winter time! And lest you run out into the winter wilderness thinking you know more than you do and end up making a fool of yourself in the Arctic…

Let’s let this be a lesson to all you smarty pants out there who think you know what an enlarged clitoris on a wild polar bear means. So you thought it indicated pseudohermaphroditism? Oh you silly wonderful thing, you. A few years back – in 2004 – scientists from cold places like Denmark and Canada (brrrr) examined a polar bear that had been killed in East Greenland. Sure it had a huge clitoris. But a pseudohermaphrodite it was not. And yet upon examination they found, in this particular bear, that she was genetically female, had normal sized internal reproductive parts and was “reproductively functional.” Just goes to show you that polar bears lady friends – like human women – have some degree of normal variation in clitoral size.

So, there. Learn more about polar bear clitorises and other fun things in my fun new book Because It Feels Good. Oh, um, just kidding. That was a silly blatant self-promotion and a lie. In fact you cannot learn about polar bear clitorises in Because It Feels Good though my book is packed with fun information about humans and sex. If you want to learn about animals and sex, check out Marlene Zuk’s interesting book Sexual Selections: What We Can and Can’t Learn about Sex from Animals. (That would be FROM animals not WITH animals. Sheesh.)

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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    How good I feel now just knowing the whole animal kingdom has different sexual organs. Thanks for the info and look forward to reading more. What fun information! love it!