Call for Proposals: The Kinsey Institute Student Research Grants

If you’re a graduate student studying a sexuality topic, you might be interested in submitting a proposal to The Kinsey Institute for a student research grant. From personal experience, I can tell you that these are highly competitive grants and they receive a large number. That means: if you apply, make sure to submit your best work. Good luck!


Call for Proposals: The Kinsey Institute Student Research Grants 2011-2012

The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University is pleased to announce a Call for Proposals for The Kinsey Institute Student Research Grants 2011-2012. This program confers sexuality research grants to emerging scholars and seeks to fund significant
and innovative research, from a wide array of disciplines and perspectives, that deals with human sexuality. The program is supported by donations from Friends of The Kinsey Institute.

Proposals will be accepted beginning September 15, 2011.

The Kinsey Institute will fund up to six proposals at $750 each, half of which will be from graduate students at Indiana University and the other half from graduate students enrolled at other universities in the United States. It is an expectation that results from the funded studies will
ultimately be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. In addition, descriptions of the research will be posted on The Kinsey Institute’s website.

The deadline for submission of proposal materials will be November 1, 2011.

Applications for funding should include a clear and concise research description (study rationale, methods, and planned data analysis), a budget, and a letter of support from a faculty mentor/advisor. The maximum length is three pages for the research description and one page for the budget. All
applicants must be registered as full time graduate students at accredited universities in the United States. In one year’s time following the funding award, we require awardees to submit to The Kinsey Institute preliminary findings of the study in the forms of a one page final report. In addition, the awardees will send the institute any presented/accepted abstracts for presentations at scientific meetings and/or submitted/accepted publications in peer-reviewed journals that are based on the funded research.

For more information, please visit The Kinsey Institute’s website at: .

Questions regarding the forthcoming grant cycle may be directed to Dr. Barbara Van Der Pol at

Barbara Van Der Pol, PhD, MPH
Chair, The Kinsey Institute Student Research Grants Committee
Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Medicine
Director, Infectious Diseases Laboratory
Indiana University School of HPER
Indiana University School of Medicine

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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