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Dr. Debby Herbenick is a sex researcher at Indiana University, sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute, columnist, and author of five books about sex and love. Learn more about her work at www.sexualhealth.indiana.edu.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HUDOANEOK2VT4DWA5CTFHB4VEY Blaine

    During sex play way back when my wife was nursing each of our children (our “baby” is now 26), we both enjoyed my slurping up a taste — and it wasn’t from a shot glass. Yes, it is a bit sweeter than cow’s milk — or goat’s milk — or donkey’s milk.

  • Laura

    I love it! So funny (and some of his posts are gross!), but I tasted my own milk when Lucy was little, and he is right, just like cow milk, but sweeter.

  • Jon

    On a few rare occasions I enjoyed my wife’s milk (and she enjoyed providing it). Very sweet (and fun).

  • Des

    LOL. My wife had great milk production and when the little ones didn’t take enough she’d get sore breasts as they filled. I was known to help her out. She really appreciated not having to get out of bed on a cold night to express the excess.

    It’s not just sweet, it’s warm and creates a very satisfying feeling as you drink it.

    Sadly my youngest is now 11 and I may never have that drink again.