Booty Bites sex themed cookies


This week I’ve had the chance to attend the International Lingerie Association exhibit in Las Vegas. In addition to lingerie manufacturers, many sex toy, lubricant and other erotic-related businesses exhibit there and you can be certain I’ll fill you in on more of them in the coming weeks. In the mean time, I wanted to tell you about Booty Bites, a company that makes absolutely stunning (and tasty!) sex-themed cookies shaped like penises, vulvas, breasts and more.

Some have cheeky sayings (they gave me a red, white and blue frosted penis cookie with the phrase ‘red, white and in you’ written on it) and others are saucily drawn. For example, there are cookies in the shape of breasts with frosted nipple piercings as well as GLBT themed penis cookies, ghosts and snowmen with genitals drawn on them and more. Check out their web site here to see more vulva cookies, vagina cookies, penis cookies and more.

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