Best Buy Ad Features Man Surfing in a Scrotum-Like Sea


As if Burger King’s “super seven incher” fellatio-inspired burger ad wasn’t enough, earlier this week I visited Gizmodo only to find a Best Buy ad featuring what I thought was a guy in front of a huge scrotum. On second closer inspection I thought maybe it was a bare (shaved or waxed) vulva. Nope. It was a guy surfing. In a real ocean (not a scrotal sea). Is it just me? Or does it appear genital-like to anyone else out there?

A few years ago at The Kinsey Institute’s Kinsey Confidential gallery exhibit, there was a beautiful – but absolutely giant - photographic image called “Seed Pod” by Belle Wether of a scrotum. And it kind of looked like this except without the surfer. You can view the Seed Pod image on her web site to see the similarities or check out the Kinsey Confidential online exhibit to see that image and others.

P.S. See if you can find me in a photo from the Kinsey Confidential exhibit back in 2007.

P.P.S. Here’s another scavenger hunt if you can find me in the Juried Show exhibit photos from 2007. Even if you can’t find me, you may have a wonderful time perusing the art on exhibit. It’s some amazing stuff.

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