Awkward Engagement Photos

Yep, I still have wedding brain. However, this post will hopefully get a laugh out of you. Knowing I’m getting engagement photos done soon, my friend sent me a link to Buzzfeed’s 30 Most Awkward Engagement Photos (he said it was “inspiration” for me). Some are more poor photography than awkward, but some are really… well, see for yourself. There is one reenacting a kiss from “Spiderman” that is kind of cute. Other photos may have personal meaning for the individuals in them, so while they don’t mean a whole lot to me and come across as a little weird, I don’t find them awkward. However, this photo – yikes! Where would you even hang that picture? Or is that the save the date picture? (Related: as a sex educator when I see or hear people mention “STDs” I don’t think save-the-date; I think sexually transmitted disease/infection. I get briefly concerned that I have a friend asking if I want to see her really beautiful STDs.)

Image Courtesy of Tanner Wendell Stewart on Flickr

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