An unexpected interview

Journalism students often have assignments that include interviewing someone and writing an article about the interview. My colleagues and I can usually count on about 3-4 student interview requests per semester. We are happy to participate, but as they are for class assignments, we rarely get to see the finished piece.

Now at least one journalism class is now posting theirs online – here is a recent interview that I participated in for student Sara Hess. Had I known that anyone would ever see the photos she snapped of me I would have perhaps tried to look a little nicer, but alas, this is reality and I dress comfortably and casually for work, and often show up with my hair still damp from my morning shower. The interview references my research, education, column writing and even MSP.

Happy reading!

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

Dr. Debby Herbenick is a sex researcher at Indiana University, sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute, columnist, and author of five books about sex and love. Learn more about her work at