Accidentally In The Erotic Books Section

Being sex positive certainly does make my life a little more interesting sometimes.

I was killing some time in a book store the other day and ended up accidentally sitting near the erotica section (and yes, it was an accident, I’d freely admit it if I was there on purpose).

I sat down by the fitness section because the café was completely full and it seemed like an out of the way place I could occupy for forty minutes. I didn’t realize that the fitness section was next to the erotica section until two teenage girls showed up and started reading titles and giggling excessively. They didn’t particularly seem to mind my presence, and basically acted as if I was not there at all.

They ended up sitting down right there and proceeded to entertain each other by reading things aloud to each other. It was really cute, especially since they reminded me a lot of myself at that age. I spent a fair amount of time giggling at the erotica section when I was first learning about sex too. I remember being too nervous to actually buy something, but too interested in the subject to actually walk away from it. As it happens, I still haven’t managed to walk away from it. I confess that I am secretly hoping there is a budding sexuality scholar in at least one of these girls.

At one point, one of their male friends showed up. I was really pleased that the mixed gender environment didn’t seem to be a cause for embarrassment. Though, he did catch me looking at them and made some comment something to the effect of “If this is all fine, why did that lady over there just give you two a funny look?” I, of course, felt compelled to respond with “It wasn’t a funny look. I totally approve of this situation. Carry on.” I certainly didn’t want to stop them from exploring things on their own. In any case, it certainly seemed to put them even more at ease. They were still there when I left and I really hope that they learned something useful from their excursion.

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  • David

    Thank you for posting this. It was sweet and sex positive.