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How A Misogynist Changed His Mind

What makes people change their core beliefs about how the world works (a.k.a. their worldview)? This question intrigues me, as I note in this post about how Canadian health care converted a self-identified conservative to support universal health care. In this blog post, you can read about a similar sort of thing happening: a guy who used to be a real misogynist explains how, over a period of years, he slowly began to change his mind about the feminist conspiracy to oppress men and keep “nice guys” like himself from getting laid. What would it take for you to change your mind about a deeply held belief regarding gender or sexuality? Continue Reading →

Canadian Health Care Converts A Conservative

I’m always fascinated by what makes people change their minds. So this essay, by an anti-abortion religiously conservative American mother who moved to Canada, caught my eye. She writes about being skeptical about universal health care, as well as the availability of abortion. However, she realizes that fuller family-oriented services actually result in people having the sort of options that make them less likely to choose abortions and more likely to be able to raise healthy families. Good for her for being open-minded  enough to change her opinion when confronted with enough evidence and experience to the contrary; I know it’s not easy to give up the conviction of believing that you’re right! Continue Reading →