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2012 Election Results: Women’s Issues

The 2012 U.S. elections were important for a number of reasons. From a women’s issues perspective, one of the most significant occurrences was the election of 20 female senators to Congress, the most who have ever served. Also notable is the fact that of these female officials, one is Buddhist and another is Hindu (both are the first elected senators of their religion in the U.S.). Further, some of the most notorious rape-commenting Republicans (such as Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock) have been defeated in their races. From a feminist perspective, it’s wonderful that there are more elected female officials, representing more diverse women’s experiences, and that ignorant remarks about rape are not going unnoticed. Continue Reading →

“A” Pregnant CEO or “The” Pregnant CEO?

Marissa Mayer was just hired as CEO of Yahoo – while pregnant. As pointed out in The Atlantic: “A female chief executive who was hired while she was pregnant — and who will give birth just a few months into her tenure — is a symbolic turning point.” However, Mayer is also undergoing critique at Role Reboot for supporting WalMart: “I want women to succeed at business. But, I want no one to succeed at business who doesn’t respect the rights and dignity of workers, especially low-wage workers, most of whom are women.” Hopefully, women (whether pregnant or not) will continue to enter all levels of the workforce, so that A Pregnant CEO doesn’t need to be held up as the singular example or role model for this kind of phenomenon. Continue Reading →

Women’s Rights After The Libyan Revolution

Women were invaluable to the Libyan Revolution, but currently they seem undervalued, according to this report which states that there is only one female member on the 43-member National Transition Council. Hopefully women can maintain the social links and organizations they created while helping overthrow Gaddafi, and in the process convince Libyan men to give them an equal chance in the new government. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Why You Should Know Who Sunita Murmu Is

While in Chennai, I was reading a newspaper (The Hindu) and saw an article about a sixteen-year-old named Sunita Murmu. I’d never heard of her before, and I expect most Westerners haven’t. But you should know her story. As one news story summarizes, Sunita faced persecution in her village in West Bengal when she got romantically involved with a non-tribal boy from a nearby village. The local tribal panchayat, or self-proclaimed governing body, sentenced her to be stripped publicly and endure sexual harassment while walking around her village. Continue Reading →

Where Do You Stand?

One of my fellow journalistas recently sent a link my way pertaining to the funding cuts that Planned Parenthood is currently facing, and after reading Michaela’s post I thought MSP would be an excellent place to share an additional link on the subject matter. Posted on the online version of Women’s Health, there is an article on their homepage that encourages women to take a stand and support Planned Parenthood. Not only does the article give you the rundown on the current debate, it directs readers to a link at the bottom of the article – where supporters can sign an open letter to Washington officials as well as make a donation to Planned Parenthood. Working out my frustrations… Continue Reading →